About me

A little bit about me

Originally from Dublin, I’ve been based in London for about twenty years now. I love London, but also regularly feel like there’s nothing for it but to nuke the whole place from orbit. By day, I’m a psychologist and coach, at all other times, I’m just a massive geek. Enormous.

And yet very, very short.

My favourite place in the world has to be Tokyo.

Pre COVID-19, I used to enjoy traveling. A lot. I’ve been lucky enough to combine my frequent business travel with holidays on an almost monthly basis for a few years now. I miss it terribly. But hopefully the future will bring some more travel adventures. In the interim, lockdown has brought me yoga, this page and lots of at home beer-tasting.

I’ve been to Japan over a dozen times and was due to visit it twice more in 2020 before…well, you know. I’m obviously a massive fan of Dublin and love when business brings me home for a visit. Other places that have captured my imagination include Helsinki, Vancouver, Osaka, Madrid and Barcelona.

And of course, my travel bucket list is large and growing. I adore holidaying in cities but I’m not averse to a couple of days lying in the sun on a beach, either.

I’m usually to be found with an Apple gadget in my hand.

Currently, I’m sporting an Apple Watch Series 5, an iPhone 13 Pro Max, an iPad Pro 11″, a Series 6 iPad Mini and a MacBook Pro. Add to that my 24″ iMac for work and you can probably estimate just how much time I spent tapping at screens and keyboards that were ‘Designed in Cupertino’.

The only gadget-free environment for me is the sauna.

I love a good soak and sauna and there’s nowhere finer to do this than in a Japanese onsen. For me, a soak in a piping hot public bath, time spent with my thoughts in a sauna, followed by a cold beer makes for the best afternoon imaginable. Throw in some takoyaki and I’m in heaven. ♨️