Last night was absolutely horrible.

I tossed and turned and coughed and sweated. But after all that, I woke up this morning feeling decidedly better. I’m still hoarse, still have a sort through, but I’m not aching and exhausted like yesterday.

I’m taking it very easy today, just doing a bit of admin and podcast work. I’ll wrap up in a couple of hours and then spend some time on the balcony in the sunshine. It’s set to reach 29C here in London today, which is incredibly hot for this neck of the woods. But as we always get a breeze up on the 35th floor, I should be able to stay relatively cool.

And work on topping up my tan, which seems to be fading post-Sitges.

I’m so glad we haven’t made any plans for the weekend. I just want to take it easy

Richard MacKinnon @TheMacPsych