My sunny writing perch

Another day of working from home. I have an absolute ton of writing to get done and the prospect fills me with joy. No client calls, no backlog of urgent tasks - just a long day stretching before me with the opportunity to churn out a few thousand words. Churn? No. Several thousand carefully-selected and… Continue reading My sunny writing perch

And…another lockdown!

Even though it was an inevitability, hearing it was still grim. We're heading into another lockdown. The COVID-19 numbers in London and there South-East have been pretty frightening for the last few weeks. Something had to be done. So, along with everyone else, I'll be staying at home, except for exercise, food shopping and a… Continue reading And…another lockdown!

A peculiar Christmas Eve

While it goes without saying that 2020 has been the weirdest and most challenging year I've lived through (to date!), there's something about Christmas which is peculiar in its own way. The traditions and ways of spending our time during this holiday will vary from household to household, while some things are shared across a… Continue reading A peculiar Christmas Eve