Tumblr finally goes after the Nazis

Months after (unsuccessfully) removing all content it deemed 'inappropriate', the people at Tumblr are finally going after a real source of danger: racist extremists. Now that they've won the battle of the 'female-presenting nipple', they're turning to removing hate speech from sites - from The Verge: "Tumblr on Monday announced an update to its hate speech policy,… Continue reading Tumblr finally goes after the Nazis

Prudish Tumblr Puritans

I logged into my Tumblr account this evening, as I was getting an error from IFTTT regarding automatic posting. I send my Instagram feed direct to Tumblr, as it's a real time-saver. Looking at the Tumblr admin panel, I clicked on the 'Review flagged posts' to discover that an intentionally blurred photo from the 2018… Continue reading Prudish Tumblr Puritans