Japanese: Moving on

I’m settling in for my final Japanese lesson this morning. The course ends after ten weeks of three hour lessons and an intensive introduction to the language. I've loved it, even though at times, I felt completely out of my depth. The teacher has been super-patient and attentive and the small class size made all… Continue reading Japanese: Moving on

More in hope than expectation

With the recently-revealed UK plan to move out of lockdown, my mind turns to travel planning. I've become quite accustomed to having travel plans dashed over the last year, so any remaining trips in the calendar for 2021 are...conceptual, at best. We decided to book a long weekend in Mallorca, to see the in-laws. It's… Continue reading More in hope than expectation

More Bellroy bliss: the Melbourne Backpack

I know it might seem counterintuitive to be investing in a new backpack while we're all in lockdown, but I won't claim to be the most rational shopper. Especially when it comes to Bellroy. Readers of the blog will know I'm a big fan of their bags and accessories and have accumulated quite a few… Continue reading More Bellroy bliss: the Melbourne Backpack