Memories of Japan: Shinkansen!

I've been lucky enough to take a few trips on Japan's excellent Shinkansen trains. Last October, we went on a day trip from Kyoto to Hiroshima and the trips there and back were fast, comfortable and - for this train geek - exciting. I'll admit that going all that distance (about 360km!!) and back in… Continue reading Memories of Japan: Shinkansen!

Sleeping to Scotland

On Monday night, I took the Caledonian Sleeper from London Euston to Scotland. It's one of two rail sleeper services left in the UK, the other going down to Penzance in Cornwall. I wasn't trying to win any speed records (it leaves at 11:50pm and arrives after 7am), but taking a sleeper was on my bucket… Continue reading Sleeping to Scotland

The power of the seat reservation

This evening, I left London Paddington on a train bound for Cheltenham. As with all my planned travel for business, I’d bought my ticket well in advance - both to be assured of a seat (not always guaranteed on British trains) and to be on a train that gets to my destination some time before… Continue reading The power of the seat reservation