More in hope than expectation

With the recently-revealed UK plan to move out of lockdown, my mind turns to travel planning. I've become quite accustomed to having travel plans dashed over the last year, so any remaining trips in the calendar for 2021 are...conceptual, at best. We decided to book a long weekend in Mallorca, to see the in-laws. It's… Continue reading More in hope than expectation

Tan-lines detective work

I spotted this on Reddit this morning and it made me laugh! I've come to similar conclusions about others on the beach while in Spain and, without judging, trying to come up with their back story. You can spot the first-timers, due to tan-lines where shorts or bikinis used to be. You can spot… Continue reading Tan-lines detective work

Some Sunday sunshine

In anticipation (sadly) of a further lockdown here in London, I'm making sure I get outside just as much as I can. I'm trying to be positive, but the data don't lie: there's another wave of COVID-19 on the way and a toxic combination of ineffectual government communications and a confused/careless public mean it's going… Continue reading Some Sunday sunshine