Japan day four: Wandering around Kyoto

After the exertions of the previous day's trip to Hiroshima, we spent Wednesday in Kyoto, taking things at a very leisurely pace. Very leisurely. Kyoto is such a great place for aimless wandering. So many of its side streets are perfect for a wander, looking in windows and exploring. So many beautiful buildings tucked away.… Continue reading Japan day four: Wandering around Kyoto

Japan: Day two – Arashiyama and oh my feet!

¬†Our second day in Japan started early. Very early. I woke just before 4am but only really regained consciousness once @FrankDJS made me a coffee in our room. After lying there for a while and considering options - and finishing the resting the coffee pot - we decided to start the day with a trip… Continue reading Japan: Day two – Arashiyama and oh my feet!