I went out for a few outdoor beers in the sun last Thursday night, enjoying the last couple of hours of daylight at The Grandstand Bar in Canary Wharf. They’ve taken the grassy space outdoors and spray-painted white circles to encourage social distancing. It’s simply encouraged me to sit on the grass and get super […]

The present heatwave is really welcome. I love the sun and I love being out in the heat. We get far too little of either in London, as far as I’m concerned. But the past few nights have been so hot, I’ve barely slept. And this is with all the windows open and fans creating […]

I’m here in Dublin on business, seeing several clients and working on a bunch of projects across last week and this week. And my visit has coincided with a bit of an unseasonal heatwave. Dublin is a great place, but it really comes into its own in the sunshine. Lots of big, blue skies and […]