A Dutch interlude

I'm sitting in Amsteram's Schiphol Airport, waiting for my flight back to London. I've been in the Netherlands since Wednesday, when I flew over for a conference.  Work-wise, it wasn't too bad. But I was a little sleep deprived (one night due to impressive thunder and lightning!) and survived off some pretty awful conference food.… Continue reading A Dutch interlude

My Singapore Onsen Experience: a little slice of Japanese spa culture

After a few days of jet-lagged work/survival in Singapore, I'd adjusted to the time difference and was enjoying my visit. Unfortunately, it was time to come home! Note to self: ensure the next visit to Singapore includes a weekend for adjusting to the time difference and enjoying the nightlife a bit more! All the same,… Continue reading My Singapore Onsen Experience: a little slice of Japanese spa culture

Surviving my first German sauna

I spent an exceedingly pleasant birthday weekend in Berlin last week. Friday morning to Monday evening was not nearly enough to take in the whole experience, but despite historic sites all around me, I spent more time in the sauna than any other place. Let's rewind. We were staying in the Hilton, which has a… Continue reading Surviving my first German sauna