Shorts, just in time

With impeccable timing, I unpacked all my summer clothing on Friday, and today summer showed up in London. For a few hours, anyway. After a late morning run in the sun, I was determined to get out and absorb some more precious sunshine. A quick shower and brunch, then we headed out to walk by… Continue reading Shorts, just in time

Tan-lines detective work

I spotted this on Reddit this morning and it made me laugh! I've come to similar conclusions about others on the beach while in Spain and, without judging, trying to come up with their back story. You can spot the first-timers, due to tan-lines where shorts or bikinis used to be. You can spot… Continue reading Tan-lines detective work

Taking in the views

As well as meeting a couple of important work deadlines, having an excellent catch-up with an old colleague and enjoying my first Christmas Sandwich (from M&S), yesterday presented me with some spectacular views from our balcony here in London. No filter was applied to any of these photos, no touching-up required. I'm still blown away… Continue reading Taking in the views