One of the (few) positives to come out of this year’s COVID-19 lockdown has been spending time working on some household projects. We’ve made a lot of progress improving various aspects of our apartment, but the one I’m more excited about is our study. I previously set this up like a home office. It was […]

Today was the last day of our trip to Japan, after almost two weeks spread across Osaka and Tokyo. We took it really easy today. After a nice breakfast at the hotel, it was out into Shinjuku for a final bit of shopping, including some final gifts for friends and family. We’ve had a really […]

We spent this morning exploring Ginza and I was honestly braced to spend quite a chunk of cash on some delicious Japanese stationery. The stationery surprise mentioned in the title? I didn’t buy a single thing. Maybe I’m getting mature in my old age, but every time I reached for a notebook, pen or ‘hilarious’ […]