Heading to Japan, 2017 edition

You know, it's never too early to plan our annual trip to Japan. At least that's what we were saying when we started looking for flights to Tokyo on this cold and wet January Sunday morning. After last year's amazing trip, it was pretty much inevitable that we'd have to come back. So we searched… Continue reading Heading to Japan, 2017 edition

That “Japan” feeling

We watched the first episode of Joanna Lumley's new series on Japan last night and really enjoyed it. She's touring all the way from its very northernmost tip near Russia to its southernmost islands over three episodes. @FrankDJS and I both had several "remember that?" moments as we watched, thinking back to our visits to… Continue reading That “Japan” feeling

Memories of Japan: Shinkansen!

I've been lucky enough to take a few trips on Japan's excellent Shinkansen trains. Last October, we went on a day trip from Kyoto to Hiroshima and the trips there and back were fast, comfortable and - for this train geek - exciting. I'll admit that going all that distance (about 360km!!) and back in… Continue reading Memories of Japan: Shinkansen!