Takoyaki memories

This day, two years ago, I was once again over-indulging in Tokyo. My photos app reminded me today, in the nicest of ways. We spent our afternoon down in Odaiba, shopping, wandering and then over-eating. After basically inhaling a massive bowl of pork Katsu curry, I then tucked into (and demolished) a serving of six… Continue reading Takoyaki memories

Impulsive travel decisions

Readers will know just how much I miss travel. In 2020 alone, I had to cancel twenty separate trips, so I've basically gone cold turkey on the travel front. In the scheme of things, I realise how lucky we've been when it comes to the catastrophe that was the last year. I still have a… Continue reading Impulsive travel decisions

One year ago: Osaka and Tokyo

Since I'm not likely to leave the country any time soon, I've been revisiting travels past and realised this afternoon that it's exactly a year when I was in Tokyo. TheFrankFlyer and I were chatting with a Tokyo-based friend this morning on FaceTime (he's from Vietnam) and after we described our recent heatwave, he pointed… Continue reading One year ago: Osaka and Tokyo