Like something from an anxiety dream

I absolutely adore this article from Nerdist, outlining how new public toilets in Shibuya, Tokyo have see-through walls to illustrate their cleanliness to potential users. Of course, once the door is shut, magic technology turns the walls solid, protecting users' privacy. It's all part of the Tokyo Toilet Project. I have to say, I've been… Continue reading Like something from an anxiety dream

Breaking in my new Hobonichi planner

It's probably no surprise to regular readers of this or previous incarnation of the blog that after watching literally dozens of unboxing videos, I went and ordered my won Hobonichi planner. I was due to be in Tokyo last month, but of course COVID-19 meant that had to be cancelled. A Hobonichi was on my… Continue reading Breaking in my new Hobonichi planner

A sweaty secret

So here's the thing: the secret to my feeling better this past week or so has been sweat. Or more precisely, working up a sweat. Either by running in the heat of Osaka and Tokyo or by spending time in a Japanese bath or sauna. Both help boost my mood, while also helping me sleep… Continue reading A sweaty secret