Shorts, just in time

With impeccable timing, I unpacked all my summer clothing on Friday, and today summer showed up in London. For a few hours, anyway. After a late morning run in the sun, I was determined to get out and absorb some more precious sunshine. A quick shower and brunch, then we headed out to walk by… Continue reading Shorts, just in time

That post-onsen glow: Tokyo, Sept 2017

I've been amusing myself by looking through my holiday photos again. There's nothing nicer than spending a snowy February Sunday morning looking at sunsets, beaches and blue skies. Regular readers will know I can’t get enough of steam rooms, saunas and hot tubs. And Japan has the most excellent collection of these in the form… Continue reading That post-onsen glow: Tokyo, Sept 2017

Seize the blue skies!

I looked up from my laptop to see the sunshine reflecting off the buildings opposite this afternoon and knew I had to get outside. Reader, I went for a run. I'm still allowed my daily outdoor exercise, even under the terms of Lockdown 3.0 here in London. And to be honest, it's more important than… Continue reading Seize the blue skies!