We were wrapping up a post-Christmas visit to Fife, Scotland, to see my family and celebrate my sister’s birthday. This photo was taken as we boarded our flight back to London City Airport from Edinburgh Airport, having enjoyed some quiet time (and beers) in the British Airways lounge. That was in the ‘old world’, when […]

Walking around, looking for somewhere to eat in Edinburgh last night, TheFrankFlyer and I had made up our minds to go to Wagamama. (I should add that this was after two previous attempts to get food elsewhere, both of which were dismal failures. A story for another time, perhaps.) We marched back up the Leith […]

We spent this morning wandering the streets of Edinburgh, periodically staring at the sky and wondering why it was so blue. The forecast for today was grim when we saw it last night, but aside from a few light showers, it was a joy. Our raincoats were surplus to requirements, but you know that if […]

I’m in Edinburgh with TheFrankFlyer at the moment and almost as soon as we arrived, we made the obligatory visit to the Cafe Royal. This is one of my favourite spots in Edinburgh and is a bit of an institution. Entering is like stepping back in time, but in a good way. Excellent, friendly service, […]