(Beer) Advent Day Five: Double Punk

I have to admit, when I opened today's door on the Brewdog Advent Calendar, I was momentarily disappointed. The colour of the can looked identify to Punk IPA, and I'd had one of those on day one. Second later, I realised I was wrong. It was a lot bigger than I was expecting (matron!) and… Continue reading (Beer) Advent Day Five: Double Punk

(Beer) Advent day one: Punk IPA

I generously gifted myself one of Brewdog's excellent advent calendars the day they were released to shareholders month ago. And then promptly forgot about it until it arrived a while back. Without going into all the details, I now have two of said advent calendars, both of which contain twenty-four no doubt excellent beers, each… Continue reading (Beer) Advent day one: Punk IPA

Haggis? It would be rude not to!

I'm in Edinburgh with TheFrankFlyer at the moment and almost as soon as we arrived, we made the obligatory visit to the Cafe Royal. This is one of my favourite spots in Edinburgh and is a bit of an institution. Entering is like stepping back in time, but in a good way. Excellent, friendly service,… Continue reading Haggis? It would be rude not to!