At least it saves on laundry

The mini heatwave we're experiencing in London is definitely taking its toll on some people. But you won't find me complaining! I took a day off on Friday and spent most of the afternoon lying in the garden. We share the garden with all the other residents in our apartment building, but I had it… Continue reading At least it saves on laundry


One of the small things I've been doing during lockdown has been to be more mindful of the businesses I support. Some organisations have revealed themselves to be truly awful, especially in how they treated their employees. Certain pub chains spring to mind. Others have such a positive ethic, I can't help but support them.… Continue reading Supporting

One week until Japan!

In just one week, I'll be setting off on my next visit to Japan! But it'll take me a while to get there, as I'm going on a rather roundabout route to get there. As I'm taking my ten year old nephew with me, I need to fly to Edinburgh first to pick him up.… Continue reading One week until Japan!