It probably goes without saying that I had an absolute blast in Sitges last week. I always do. And this time, with the added bonus of no mobile phone theft! We flew to Barcelona, via Madrid, with Iberia - which was pretty grim. It's not often I'm actually scared of the cabin crew, but the… Continue reading So…Sitges

Sunshine flashback

This day, exactly two years ago‚Ķ I was enjoying this view, looking from our hotel balcony towards Sitges town. An excelent Easter-time break in the sun - lots of cocktails, late nights and mornings spent recovering on the naturist beach next door. Then early evenings on this balcony, continuing to sunbathe, while sipping on something… Continue reading Sunshine flashback

Suffering beach withdrawal?

I had another beach dream last night, indicating to me (a psychologist) that I need a beach holiday ASAP. Because that's how science works and I have single-handedly unraveled the mystery of dream interpretation.   Seriously, though - it was vivid. And super enjoyable. As usual, I was on a beach I thought I recognised,… Continue reading Suffering beach withdrawal?