I logged into my Tumblr account this evening, as I was getting an error from IFTTT regarding automatic posting. I send my Instagram feed direct to Tumblr, as it’s a real time-saver. Looking at the Tumblr admin panel, I clicked on the ‘Review flagged posts’ to discover that an intentionally blurred photo from the 2018 […]

We flew to Barcelona last Thursday and journeyed on to Sitges to enjoy the infamous Pride Festival there. It was both excellent and horrendous, due to…events. And I spent far longer in a Spanish police station that I’ve ever wanted to. On the plus side, I got plenty of time on the fabulous beach next […]

A quick check-in here before I hop in the shower, put the final couple of things in my case and head off to the airport for our trip to Sitges Pride. Thankfully, my sleep has returned to normal and I feel like a new person this morning. I’ll never cease to be amazed at jut […]