Two months until Tokyo!

Yes! In just two short months, I'll be making my way for another visit to Tokyo. And this time, I'll have a new co-pilot: my ten-year-old nephew, Andrew. I'll be flying up to Edinburgh to pick him up and, after a weekend there, we'll fly to Amsterdam, from where we'll go to Tokyo, via Helsinki.… Continue reading Two months until Tokyo!

Tokyo Diary: Part Three

I'm back from Japan and have to say the wrench I felt leaving was worse than any holiday I've ever had before. I fell in love with Tokyo while I was there. ┬áReally. I don't think I've ever enjoyed visiting a new city as much as Tokyo, but it's difficult to say why. So what… Continue reading Tokyo Diary: Part Three

Tokyo Diary: Part One

Greetings from my new favourite city in the world: Tokyo. We've been in Japan since 5am local time Friday morning and I've enjoyed pretty much every minute. The flight over - a First Class with British Airways - was the best I've had in my life. I'm now spoiled forever and economy seats will seem… Continue reading Tokyo Diary: Part One