Journey to Japan: Part one

My latest jaunt to Japan began yesterday - and the journey to Tokyo will probably take a few posts to cover! I left London yesterday lunchtime, after squeezing in a couple more productive hours in the office. I 'checked in' via British Airways First Class section in T5 and made my way straight into the… Continue reading Journey to Japan: Part one

Booking a mileage run…to Tokyo!

In just 66 days, I'll be flying off on my next holiday to Japan. But unlike previous visits, I'll be taking quite a circuitous route to get there... Yes, it's another mileage run. I need the BA miles to keep my Gold status, so the idea here is to book a series of flights to… Continue reading Booking a mileage run…to Tokyo!

I’ve booked a mileage run!

What madness is this? Booking a trip with the sole purpose of getting as many BA tier points as possible? Yes. This is my life now. I’m so comfortable with my BA Gold Status, that I’ll do whatever it takes to keep it. @TheFrankFlyer did a quick calculation of my (and his) airline miles status,… Continue reading I’ve booked a mileage run!