A stationery surprise

We spent this morning exploring Ginza and I was honestly braced to spend quite a chunk of cash on some delicious Japanese stationery. The stationery surprise mentioned in the title? I didn't buy a single thing. Maybe I'm getting mature in my old age, but every time I reached for a notebook, pen or 'hilarious'… Continue reading A stationery surprise

My trip to the Traveler’s Factory, Japan

It may sound strange, but one of my highlights of last month's visit to Japan was getting to visit the Traveler's Factory store in Tokyo. They stock the (formerly Midori) Traveler's Notebook products that I've been obsessing about over the last year, so I was determined to visit their 'HQ' and see the various products… Continue reading My trip to the Traveler’s Factory, Japan

Leaving Tokyo

It's our last full day in Japan today. Tomorrow afternoon we'll leave Tokyo to fly to Seoul for a brief overnight stay at the airport before our flight back to London.  To call this a disappointment would be an understatement. Yes, we've been away for coming up to two weeks and it's been fantastic, but… Continue reading Leaving Tokyo