Last Friday, I went on my first flight for over four months. For the vast majority of people on this planet, a four month gap in travel may not even raise an eye brow, but for me it was beyond strange. I’ve already explained how so many of my planned trips had to be cancelled, […]

My latest jaunt to Japan began yesterday – and the journey to Tokyo will probably take a few posts to cover! I left London yesterday lunchtime, after squeezing in a couple more productive hours in the office. I ‘checked in’ via British Airways First Class section in T5 and made my way straight into the […]

I flew to Barcelona and back yesterday, on one of my monthly day-trips for work. I’m getting pretty used to the journey – this is month seven of these visits and while it involves an early start (0430am!!!) working with the clients in question more than makes up for the lack of sleep. Last night’s […]