The travel I don’t really miss

This day two years ago, I was waking up in London City Airport. I mean, I had regained consciousness a couple of hours beforehand, but I was really waking up in the airport. I was waiting for one of my regular business flights to Dublin and it wasn't long after 7am. An ungodly hour for… Continue reading The travel I don’t really miss

Nothing so eerie as an empty airport

I’m in London City Airport, waiting on my flight to Edinburgh. The only way to describe it: deserted! It’s my first visit here since lockdown was eased. Prior to that, I was here pretty much weekly for business trips and the occasional city break. It’s usually rammed with bankers in suits, holding expensive leather luggage… Continue reading Nothing so eerie as an empty airport

Beer appreciation: Truman’s Bow Bells Pale Ale

I flew out of London City Airport yesterday evening and after the hassles of security, I took myself to Truman's Brick Lane Brews to grab a pre-flight beer.  I went with my gut, as I'm not too familiar with their beers, choosing a Citrus Pale Ale. I'm a sucker for anything with 'citrus' in the… Continue reading Beer appreciation: Truman’s Bow Bells Pale Ale