Japanese: Moving on

I’m settling in for my final Japanese lesson this morning. The course ends after ten weeks of three hour lessons and an intensive introduction to the language. I've loved it, even though at times, I felt completely out of my depth. The teacher has been super-patient and attentive and the small class size made all… Continue reading Japanese: Moving on

Learning Japanese online: never going back

I'm still attending my Japanese lessons every Saturday morning. On reflection, online language learning is one of the definite positives to emerge from my Lockdown 3.0 experience. I don't think I'll ever go back to learning languages in a classroom. The online experience knocks it out of the park! No travel time, the comfort of… Continue reading Learning Japanese online: never going back

Another weekend rolls around

It's Saturday morning and I once again find myself slightly incredulous that another week has passed. Lockdown has almost removed any meaning of either days or the passing of time. It's been a good week on the professional front and in reviewing all I wanted to do this week, I'm pretty happy with the results.… Continue reading Another weekend rolls around