Isolation is a mixed bag

Think I've discovered my inner introvert this week. Except for a daily walk or a run outside, I've been confined to my home and it hasn't been the disaster I'd predicted.  I've kept myself entertained, I've done some work, I've kept in touch with friends and family and I've slept. Yes, after some initial anxiety… Continue reading Isolation is a mixed bag

Breaking up with Facebook

I think it's fair to say I've had a bit of a 'love/hate' relationship with Facebook over the years. From being someone who posted his entire life online, I've become someone who now tuts when Facebook is mentioned in polite company.  I'm not sure if I've time today to list all the reasons I've come… Continue reading Breaking up with Facebook

Prudish Tumblr Puritans

I logged into my Tumblr account this evening, as I was getting an error from IFTTT regarding automatic posting. I send my Instagram feed direct to Tumblr, as it's a real time-saver. Looking at the Tumblr admin panel, I clicked on the 'Review flagged posts' to discover that an intentionally blurred photo from the 2018… Continue reading Prudish Tumblr Puritans