Bags of delight

My two replacement bags arrived yesterday and I'm over the moon with how perfect they are. I previously described my bag-related de-cluttering (forgetting to mention how easy it was and how little discomfort I felt at getting rid of so many this growth?) and how I was selling them all to make way for… Continue reading Bags of delight

One in, one out

I spent several hours yesterday afternoon organising, sorting and removing clothing from my wardrobe. It was time to unpack the summer wardrobe! I know the weather here in London is far from Summer-like right now, but in the absence of opportunities for entertainment or leisure, sorting through my wardrobe seemed like a good idea on… Continue reading One in, one out

Walking it off

I just been out for a walk in London's incredibly changeable weather, hoping to shrug off a shocking dose of cabin fever. Since waking this morning, I've set sluggish, down and generally completely fed up. I realised that I didn't leave the building at all yesterday and only walked as far as the local optician… Continue reading Walking it off