Review: The Hilton Gatwick Airport

If you’re short on time, let’s cut to the chase: this is a terrible, terrible hotel. Even among shabby airport hotels, this takes some beating. @TheFrankFlyer and I stayed there last night, as our flight to Palma de Mallorca departed at a very unreasonable 0825 this morning. This was far too early for a schlep… Continue reading Review: The Hilton Gatwick Airport

A review: Hilton Hotel, Schiphol Airport

We spent the evening before our recent week in Tokyo at the Hilton Hotel in Schiphol Airport. We started our journey in Amsterdam as flights from there to Tokyo (via Helsinki) were so much cheaper than booking direct from London. Plus, judicious use of points meant it was a free hotel stay. So I really… Continue reading A review: Hilton Hotel, Schiphol Airport

Catalan jalapeño madness

I spent Thursday and Friday working in Barcelona - a bit of a monthly routine for me and nothing out of the ordinary. But I did stay at a new (new to me, anyway) hotel and so was able to notice the little differences that make for a nice hotel stay.  Firstly, I had my own… Continue reading Catalan jalapeño madness