A surprising writing friend

We've all been there, right? The drawer at home that is so chock full of pens, pencils and other assorted detritus that it's difficult to open, never mind find what you're looking for? When we renovated our study at home, one of the key things to accomplish was sort through the drawers in the old… Continue reading A surprising writing friend

A sweaty secret

So here's the thing: the secret to my feeling better this past week or so has been sweat. Or more precisely, working up a sweat. Either by running in the heat of Osaka and Tokyo or by spending time in a Japanese bath or sauna. Both help boost my mood, while also helping me sleep… Continue reading A sweaty secret

Assorted Tokyo highlights

While I haven't blogged since arriving in Tokyo earlier this week, that doesn't mean we haven't been enjoying ourselves. In fact, I'd be concerned if too much precious time in Tokyo was spent writing here! While Frank is down at the hotel gym, I'm enjoying a coffee in our room and scanning the view from… Continue reading Assorted Tokyo highlights