Last trip to the sun (for a while…)

This Friday, @TheFrankFlyer and I will head to Barcelona (via Madrid) and then on to Sitges for a long weekend of sunshine and relaxation. I think it's highly likely this will be our last trip featuring either beaches or sunshine in 2019, so I'm determined to soak up just as much as I can. I… Continue reading Last trip to the sun (for a while…)

Sitges situations

We flew to Barcelona last Thursday and journeyed on to Sitges to enjoy the infamous Pride Festival there. It was both excellent and horrendous, due And I spent far longer in a Spanish police station that I've ever wanted to. On the plus side, I got plenty of time on the fabulous beach next… Continue reading Sitges situations

Our week in Tokyo: Champagne and sushi

So I’m back from my week in Tokyo and I’m missing it already. We had such an amazing time, despite the freezing cold weather and the snow. It was our first time in Tokyo in the winter, so that was to be expected - and we packed accordingly! As we’ve been to Tokyo so many times… Continue reading Our week in Tokyo: Champagne and sushi