Too darn hot

It's not often that I complain about being too warm (last summer's heatwave in London being an understandable exception), but my hotel room here in Dublin has me up the walls! I lay on top of my bed last night, over the covers, with the window open and still couldn't get cool enough to sleep… Continue reading Too darn hot

Sitges situations

We flew to Barcelona last Thursday and journeyed on to Sitges to enjoy the infamous Pride Festival there. It was both excellent and horrendous, due And I spent far longer in a Spanish police station that I've ever wanted to. On the plus side, I got plenty of time on the fabulous beach next… Continue reading Sitges situations

Sitges Pride, 2017

Well. That was an experience! Up until this month, I've associated Sitges with sleepy, relaxing afternoons on the beach and wandering through narrow streets hunting out decision Catalan nibbles. A very chilled out place. But spending a long weekend there during Pride was something very different! And if I'm honest, it was just what I… Continue reading Sitges Pride, 2017