Review: The Hilton Gatwick Airport

If you’re short on time, let’s cut to the chase: this is a terrible, terrible hotel. Even among shabby airport hotels, this takes some beating. @TheFrankFlyer and I stayed there last night, as our flight to Palma de Mallorca departed at a very unreasonable 0825 this morning. This was far too early for a schlep… Continue reading Review: The Hilton Gatwick Airport

Brewdog on board!

I flew to Palma de Mallorca with British Airways this morning and, as soon as I sat down, I spotted that their birthday promotion with Brewdog has started. To celebrate 100 years of British Airways, they've partnered with Brewdog to launch an anniversary beer and I...I had one with my breakfast! I'm not a beer… Continue reading Brewdog on board!

More business travel: A tale of two hotel rooms

I've spent the last few days in Jersey - a mixture of business and pleasure and have had a whale of a time. I'm awaiting my flight back to Gatwick, where I'll hop on a flight to Dublin for work. And another hotel room... The thing about traveling for business is that you're frequently at… Continue reading More business travel: A tale of two hotel rooms