And…another lockdown!

Even though it was an inevitability, hearing it was still grim. We're heading into another lockdown. The COVID-19 numbers in London and there South-East have been pretty frightening for the last few weeks. Something had to be done. So, along with everyone else, I'll be staying at home, except for exercise, food shopping and a… Continue reading And…another lockdown!

Ripping and shredding

Just about to jump into my final client meeting of the week, after which I'll be running around the Canary Wharf estate, checking out potential new offices. It's been a fairly hectic week (compared to the rest of lockdown, anyway) and I'm looking forward to some down time this weekend. Predictably, the weather forecast is… Continue reading Ripping and shredding

Lockdown lessons: I just needed some sun

I’ve been banging on about how tired I feel, non-stop for the past couple of weeks. I quite literally can’t make it through a work day without a nap at some point in the afternoon. It’s quite a strange change of pace. Yesterday, I had an epiphany - the exhaustion started around the same time… Continue reading Lockdown lessons: I just needed some sun