Brewhemia: a cornucopia of beers!

I’m in Edinburgh for a few days, catching up with family and getting a break from London. Last night, I went for a socially distanced (whatever that means now) meal with my mum and sister, who live up here. My sister suggested Brewhemia and, to be honest, she had me at the name. A quick… Continue reading Brewhemia: a cornucopia of beers!

The taste of Japan at Eat Tokyo

I enjoyed a day off work yesterday (yet another cancelled holiday!) so The FrankFlyer and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice lunch, and pretend we were on holidays. We headed to Eat Tokyo, on Red Lion Street, and I can say without hesitation that it was the finest Japanese meal I've had in… Continue reading The taste of Japan at Eat Tokyo

Maki & Ramen: a delightful find

Walking around, looking for somewhere to eat in Edinburgh last night, TheFrankFlyer and I had made up our minds to go to Wagamama. (I should add that this was after two previous attempts to get food elsewhere, both of which were dismal failures. A story for another time, perhaps.) We marched back up the Leith… Continue reading Maki & Ramen: a delightful find