South Beach fun and games

So it's our last day here in South Beach and I'm several shades darker and (almost certainly) several kilos heavier. It all started with a very welcome and unexpected upgrade to First Class on our flight from London. Thank you British Airways! It's been a whirlwind of a week, with plenty of beach time, plenty… Continue reading South Beach fun and games

“Welcome” to Miami

Finally here! Passport control and immigration at Miami was the usual shambolic and abrasive experience. Thank jeebus the weather's great! I managed to project (what I thought was) an appropriate mix of nonchalance and confidence to avoid "special security measures" again. Yet they always make me feel like a criminal... Especially when I couldn't remember… Continue reading “Welcome” to Miami

A pretty standard night in South Beach

So....we spent last week in South Beach and had a pretty chilled-out time. Lots of beach laziness, eating and drinking. But then, on the Tuesday night, we stumbled upon South Beach's best gay bar - The Palace - and left feeling sore from laughing. Three hilarious and smutty acts later, we were full of cocktails,… Continue reading A pretty standard night in South Beach