A return to the skies!

Last Friday, I went on my first flight for over four months. For the vast majority of people on this planet, a four month gap in travel may not even raise an eye brow, but for me it was beyond strange.I've already explained how so many of my planned trips had to be cancelled, including… Continue reading A return to the skies!

It’s almost Tokyo time!

This time two months, I'll be on a JAL flight making it's final approach to Tokyo Haneda Airport. And I couldn't be more excited! At this point, @TheFrankFlyer and I have made about a dozen visits to Japan and it never gets boring. Ever. I'm a committed Japanophile (my Japanese language class is on a… Continue reading It’s almost Tokyo time!

Planes, trains and noisy neighbours

I arrived back from Japan yesterday evening, after spending the guts of an entire day in transit. I'll be sharing all the details over on my travel blog, suffice to say it was an excellent holiday. The return journey took its toll - flying from Tokyo to Seoul, Seoul to Helsinki and Helsinki to London… Continue reading Planes, trains and noisy neighbours