Journey to Japan – Part Two: To Helsinki!

After adequately refuelling on coffee in the lounge, it was time to get my flight to Helsinki. With little to keep me in the lounge, I headed to the gate with just under an hour to go. My experience with Finnair is that they board with plenty of time, so I expected us to be… Continue reading Journey to Japan – Part Two: To Helsinki!

Booking a mileage run…to Tokyo!

In just 66 days, I'll be flying off on my next holiday to Japan. But unlike previous visits, I'll be taking quite a circuitous route to get there... Yes, it's another mileage run. I need the BA miles to keep my Gold status, so the idea here is to book a series of flights to… Continue reading Booking a mileage run…to Tokyo!

Our week in Tokyo: Champagne and sushi

So I’m back from my week in Tokyo and I’m missing it already. We had such an amazing time, despite the freezing cold weather and the snow. It was our first time in Tokyo in the winter, so that was to be expected - and we packed accordingly! As we’ve been to Tokyo so many times… Continue reading Our week in Tokyo: Champagne and sushi