Brewhemia: a cornucopia of beers!

I’m in Edinburgh for a few days, catching up with family and getting a break from London. Last night, I went for a socially distanced (whatever that means now) meal with my mum and sister, who live up here. My sister suggested Brewhemia and, to be honest, she had me at the name. A quick… Continue reading Brewhemia: a cornucopia of beers!

The commute

I just had my first full week of commuting to my new office. I moved in last Thursday and while I love the new space, I'm less keen on my morning and evening commute. I'm lucky, in that I'm not heading into the City anymore, but out into London's docklands. I travel east, away from… Continue reading The commute

Trousers and shoes strangeness

I had a couple of in-person meetings yesterday - my first since lockdown began over 100 days ago - and, to put it mildly, it was strange. For a start, I had to get dressed. Don't get me wrong, I haven't spent lockdown in domestic naturist bliss. I've had a ton of video calls each… Continue reading Trousers and shoes strangeness