Sitges Pride, 2017

Well. That was an experience! Up until this month, I've associated Sitges with sleepy, relaxing afternoons on the beach and wandering through narrow streets hunting out decision Catalan nibbles. A very chilled out place. But spending a long weekend there during Pride was something very different! And if I'm honest, it was just what I… Continue reading Sitges Pride, 2017

South Beach fun and games

So it's our last day here in South Beach and I'm several shades darker and (almost certainly) several kilos heavier. It all started with a very welcome and unexpected upgrade to First Class on our flight from London. Thank you British Airways! It's been a whirlwind of a week, with plenty of beach time, plenty… Continue reading South Beach fun and games

No Singapore sling?

I didn't have even one. Nor did I make it over to the legendary Raffle's. But I did enjoy my week in Singapore, despite the shocking jet-lag and the lack of sleep, combined with incredibly long working hours. So yes, despite all that, I managed to enjoy the local food, the streets, the people and… Continue reading No Singapore sling?