Simplicity: in the moment

I caught myself almost undoing some of my de-cluttering progress yesterday. But just in time, avoided some needless purchasing. @TheFrankFlyer was doing some online shopping and texted me a link to a quite lovely dusty blue cap. Perfect for the summer, I immediately imagined myself wearing it out and about and thought 'I need this'.… Continue reading Simplicity: in the moment

One in, one out

I spent several hours yesterday afternoon organising, sorting and removing clothing from my wardrobe. It was time to unpack the summer wardrobe! I know the weather here in London is far from Summer-like right now, but in the absence of opportunities for entertainment or leisure, sorting through my wardrobe seemed like a good idea on… Continue reading One in, one out

Lounging about like Cary

After spending next to no money on clothing since the great clearcut of the wardrobe in Winter 2020, I splurged a little in the Uniqlo sale last month. It's actually difficult to spend a lot of money at Uniqlo. Seriously. But going in at sale time means you come out with far more than you'd… Continue reading Lounging about like Cary