Takoyaki memories

This day, two years ago, I was once again over-indulging in Tokyo. My photos app reminded me today, in the nicest of ways. We spent our afternoon down in Odaiba, shopping, wandering and then over-eating. After basically inhaling a massive bowl of pork Katsu curry, I then tucked into (and demolished) a serving of six… Continue reading Takoyaki memories

Happy New Year

I spent the final evening of 2020 in quite the stereotypical fashion: watching a Bond movie and drinking champagne. 'Skyfall' ended with just fifteen minutes left in the year, so we bundled up and headed downstairs to the Thames Path to catch the fireworks in central London. We enjoyed another bottle of bubbles (socially distanced)… Continue reading Happy New Year

Some Sunday sunshine

In anticipation (sadly) of a further lockdown here in London, I'm making sure I get outside just as much as I can. I'm trying to be positive, but the data don't lie: there's another wave of COVID-19 on the way and a toxic combination of ineffectual government communications and a confused/careless public mean it's going… Continue reading Some Sunday sunshine