A week in Tokyo: with carry-on luggage only

I'm about an hour away from making my way to London Gatwick for the first leg of our trip to Japan. And for the first time, I'm going to Japan with only carry-on luggage. Nothing is getting checked in, so I won't waste any time at check-in or at arrival, waiting for bags. Obviously, I… Continue reading A week in Tokyo: with carry-on luggage only

Magical suitcase stacking

I flew to Barcelona and back yesterday, on one of my monthly day-trips for work. I'm getting pretty used to the journey - this is month seven of these visits and while it involves an early start (0430am!!!) working with the clients in question more than makes up for the lack of sleep. Last night's… Continue reading Magical suitcase stacking

Some travel kvetching

I’ve been travelling a lot lately, primarily for business. This last week has been a challenge though, even for me. Lots of flights, different airports, pressured timescales and a lack of sleep made for one frazzled MacPsych. Four airports in a single day was a challenge, even for me. I also had a lot of… Continue reading Some travel kvetching