The ‘Dry January’ experience

Well. I made it. It's the end of the month and I haven't had a single beer. Or any other form of alcohol. And the experience was...underwhelming? Maybe I wasn't drinking enough previously to feel the magical improvements in my mind and body that all the Dry January commentators wrote about. Maybe the amount of… Continue reading The ‘Dry January’ experience

Adventures in Dry January

In case you’ve missed it, I’m on day 21 of Dry January. Just like veganism, I feel compelled to tell anyone who will listen. And a few who won't. For those of you who aren’t massive fans of alcohol, this is a concept whereby drinkers avoid alcohol for the month of January. People do it… Continue reading Adventures in Dry January

(Beer) Advent day twenty three: Marshmallow and Chocolate Stout

Well, the daily updates on my beer advent calendar kind of trailed off, didn't they? Needless to say, I've continued to enjoy each day's beer, I just haven't had the time to write up each experience. But here we are, almost at the end of the advent adventure, with a stellar stout that left me… Continue reading (Beer) Advent day twenty three: Marshmallow and Chocolate Stout