The Apple Watch that wasn’t

After watching the most recent Apple product announcement last week, both TheFrankFlyer and I agreed that the new Apple Watch model was worth getting. Not one to hang about, he'd ordered ours before the evening was out. Development one: we then discovered that we could reserve the watches in-store and pick them up in person… Continue reading The Apple Watch that wasn’t

Barefoot and fancy free

I went out for a few outdoor beers in the sun last Thursday night, enjoying the last couple of hours of daylight at The Grandstand Bar in Canary Wharf. They've taken the grassy space outdoors and spray-painted white circles to encourage social distancing. It's simply encouraged me to sit on the grass and get super… Continue reading Barefoot and fancy free

At least it saves on laundry

The mini heatwave we're experiencing in London is definitely taking its toll on some people. But you won't find me complaining! I took a day off on Friday and spent most of the afternoon lying in the garden. We share the garden with all the other residents in our apartment building, but I had it… Continue reading At least it saves on laundry