(Beer) Advent Day Nine: Duopolis

This was a lovely surprise. On opening the advent calendar this morning, I was sure I recognised the name and positive I'd tasted it before - I just couldn't remember what it was like. Now that I've finally cracked open the can, I'm pleased to say Duopolis is a delight. "Two cities in one. Double… Continue reading (Beer) Advent Day Nine: Duopolis

(Beer) Advent day six: Brewdog v Cloudwater IPA

Well, that's a bit of a mouthful. Another nice big can emerged from the Brewdog Advent Calendar this morning and I smiled when I saw it was an IPA. Many hours later, including a new Christmas tree, some Christmas card writing and a delicious brunch, and I'm back on the sofa with another Brewdog beer.… Continue reading (Beer) Advent day six: Brewdog v Cloudwater IPA

(Beer) Advent Day Five: Double Punk

I have to admit, when I opened today's door on the Brewdog Advent Calendar, I was momentarily disappointed. The colour of the can looked identify to Punk IPA, and I'd had one of those on day one. Second later, I realised I was wrong. It was a lot bigger than I was expecting (matron!) and… Continue reading (Beer) Advent Day Five: Double Punk