Lockdown lessons: things I miss

It really sounds like Lockdown is going to be with us for a while longer. This morning, in the shower, I got distracted by all the things I’m missing and want to do after the restrictions are lifted. Obviously, I’ve no idea when that will happen, and I’m quite happy to stick within the regulations… Continue reading Lockdown lessons: things I miss

Post-pandemic plans

As the London lockdown continues without any obvious end in sight, I've been turning my attention to a post-pandemic world and what I'm most looking forward to.  I've started a note on my iPhone and when I think of something I miss, I add it to the list. Unsurprisingly, lots of what I miss relates… Continue reading Post-pandemic plans


It probably goes without saying that I had an absolute blast in Sitges last week. I always do. And this time, with the added bonus of no mobile phone theft! We flew to Barcelona, via Madrid, with Iberia - which was pretty grim. It's not often I'm actually scared of the cabin crew, but the… Continue reading So…Sitges