So, the inevitable has come to pass. We’re not going to Tokyo this week. Despite everything that Tokyo has going for it, it just seems like the wrong time to be so far away from home right now.  There’s nowhere I’d rather be than Tokyo, and I’m positive that I’d stand a better chance of […]

I spent a few days working in Barcelona earlier this week, enjoying an unusually less-than-hectic schedule. I found myself slightly confused that I wasn’t run ragged dashing from meeting to meeting – part of my new 2020 focus on self-care, I’d planned things in a much more manageable way. On my way back to London, […]

We’re nearly at the end of 2019, so I’m busy looking forward to several travel experiences in 2020. I’m not wishing the time away, just noting what’s already planned and ensuring there are highlights throughout the year. I’m an avid traveller and, running my own business, can take the time to holiday when it suits […]

It probably goes without saying that I had an absolute blast in Sitges last week. I always do. And this time, with the added bonus of no mobile phone theft! We flew to Barcelona, via Madrid, with Iberia – which was pretty grim. It’s not often I’m actually scared of the cabin crew, but the […]