Assorted Tokyo highlights

While I haven't blogged since arriving in Tokyo earlier this week, that doesn't mean we haven't been enjoying ourselves. In fact, I'd be concerned if too much precious time in Tokyo was spent writing here! While Frank is down at the hotel gym, I'm enjoying a coffee in our room and scanning the view from… Continue reading Assorted Tokyo highlights

An afternoon wander through Asakusa

Even though we've been before (a couple of times!), we took one of our afternoons in Tokyo last week to have a wander around Asakusa. It's definitely a neighbourhood of two halves: a very touristy side and a more authentic side. I think we saw both. We'd spent the morning wandering around Ueno Park in… Continue reading An afternoon wander through Asakusa

One week until Japan!

In just one week, I'll be setting off on my next visit to Japan! But it'll take me a while to get there, as I'm going on a rather roundabout route to get there. As I'm taking my ten year old nephew with me, I need to fly to Edinburgh first to pick him up.… Continue reading One week until Japan!